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More than a slogan
The 'DIY Advantage' is no one specific thing.
DIYHosting is known worldwide, as a leader in it's field - reseller web hosting, because of the DIY Advantage. Below, we'll explain the 'What', 'Who', 'Why', and 'When' of this reseller web hosting sector phenomenon that just keeps getting stronger.

What | Who | Why | When

The 'DIY Advantage' is not simply a slogan or catchphrase to attract the eye, it is the very core of DIYHosting, and is what powers us to be the number one reseller web hosting provider in the industry today. Below are some primary examples of the DIY Advantage in full swing.

What is The DIY Advantage?

DIY Support.
DIYHosting's support is an integral part of the DIY Advantage. From our 24/7 technical support, to our fantastic stand-alone technical support site, DIYHosting takes support to another level. Listed below, are some primary examples of our support offerings.

  • 24/7 Technical help.
  • Toll free phone support (open all hours)
  • Ticket center support
  • DIYSupport.com. (click to view)
  • H-Sphere documents center
  • Plesk documents center
  • Getting started guides
  • Brand new tutorial movies
  • New billing helpdesk
  • Network monitoring and status
  • Comodo SSL request forms
  • Downloads and tools

What | Who | Why | When

Who is involved in The DIY Advantage?

The DIYHosting staff members.
Our staff consists of highly skilled, and highly trained professionals. Our staff roster is made up of a team that has been trained specifically for the reseller hosting sector.

Every new idea, or improved idea is specifically done with resellers in mind - whether it be a cross-server patch update, or just a tiny cosmetic change for the default webmail login's, DIYHosting's staff have the resellers' best interests in mind.

DIYHosting resellers.
Our resellers are one of the primary reasons DIYHosting sits atop the reseller web hosting sector. Our resellers are the one's that feed us a concept of what they would like to see.

Our greatest concepts come from indirect and/or direct requests by resellers; DIYSupport.com - new default server pages, webmail templates, and a lot more.

What | Who | Why | When

Why is there a DIY Advantage?

DIYHosting was set up on the very foundation that we would be like no other reseller web hosting provider.

DIYHosting rapidly became known for our unique 'sector specific' approach. We don't beleive in simply giving disk space and transfer traffic, then pushing you out into your public offering, unequipped. We beleive in providing what other's advertise, but fail to provide.

An all-round reseller web hosting provider is rare, so rare that it became very evident, very soon after the introduction of DIYHosting that we would spear head the reseller web hosting sector, and other's would play catch up. The DIYHosting mindset is unmatched - many companies have attempted to replicate our tools, and our approach - and whilst we lead, others will always follow. However, this is DIYHosting - our clients would accept nothing less, neither should you.

What | Who | Why | When

When is The DIY Advantage?

The DIY Advantage is there from the moment you start using our reseller services. It will be more and more evident every time you submit a support ticket, pick up the phone to call us, or upon visiting diysupport.com

In short, the DIY advantage is always happenning. Whether it's support related, or just the fact that your websites are always up - you and your clients have the advantage of knowing we'll always be here, to help you in any way you need.

Give your business a boost. give your business The DIY Advantage!